Intelligent eForms

ChartMaxx ECM enables the creation and management of your forms via our Intelligent eForms and Forms On-Demand modules. ChartMaxx Forms Management delivers full integration, enabling cost control and retirement of stand-alone forms applications. ChartMaxx Forms Management includes print/fax control, version control, access to critical patient care documentation during EMR downtime and elimination of “sneaker-mail” transport of documents across your entire enterprise.

Intelligent eForms are used via your organization’s website, patient portal, and at kiosk stations for patient-defined as well as anonymous completion, so they can be used to gather information to:

  • Improve the patient experience by collecting required demographic and insurance information, storing the data so that the patient does not have to provide the same information repeatedly.
  • Prepopulate patient care-related and business department information via connectivity to physician office EMRs, ERP systems and insurance eligibility applications.
  • Add rules-based intelligence for automated routing, tracking and as required approval processes.
  • Eliminate the costs of in-house and vendor forms creation, storage and obsolescence.
  • Automate the on-line collection of prospective employee application and resume submissions, routing the data captured to the most appropriate recruiter.
Forms on Demand

Forms on Demand provides hospital staff access to print forms from an internal website launch. Included in this functionality is the ability to print documents for specific patients, which will include the pre-populated patient label on each page, or blank forms to support downtime or other processes. The pre-populated patient details accelerate the scanning process and ensure accurate indexing. Documents may be grouped into packets or listed individually and may be presented to users based on department or permission affiliations. All searches and print requests are fully audited and the system only presents the patient and form data to users with appropriate security permission.