ChartMaxx Business Process Management

ChartMaxx ECM with Business Process Management (BPM) technologies enables great efficiencies to lead your organization to improved patient outcomes and a healthier bottom line.

The process automation expertise of ChartMaxx combined with our powerful content management platform is aimed at helping hospitals support key initiatives:

  • Address critical IT priorities
  • Enable better patient experience
  • Improve workflow efficiency
  • Provide a faster return on investment

ChartMaxx BPM technologies are used to build online and offline custom applications for automating patient care and business department procedures.

Business Process Management supports connectivity and automation with EMR, ERP, and other IT products for single, inclusive, universal access to data and documents stored within the hospital as well as data stored in cloud-based environments.

Below are a few examples of how ChartMaxx customers have implemented BPM:

  • Intelligent Data Capture (IDC)
  • Patient Financial Assistance
  • Forms on Demand
  • Scheduling Assistant
Intelligent Data Capture (IDC)

The ChartMaxx Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) toolkit enables organizations to manage external documents and content originating from a variety of outside sources, including faxes, throughout the healthcare enterprise. Any external content, whether related to patient records or other business processing, is able to be managed and subsequently indexed, cataloged, and routed for processing based upon your business rules. Increase readiness for HIMSS Level 7 and productivity in managing your external documents that are critical to your organization’s business processing with ChartMaxx IDC.

ChartMaxx IDC enables organizations to capture, index, and route data and documents to the electronic record to achieve organizational and HIMSS Level 7 standards. Please read the article below to learn how one ChartMaxx customer employed ChartMaxx IDC as part of the journey to achieve HIMSS Level 7. Congratulations to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for being the first in Georgia to achieve Stage 7 on the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM).

First in Georgia: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Gets Stage 7 Honors

Want to see ChartMaxx Intelligent Data Capture? View a quick demonstration.

Patient Financial Assistance

The Patient Financial Assistance application enables a seamless, fully automated process for managing financial assistance requests from patients. The patient may request financial assistance from a facility website or portal, and upon completing preliminary questions, the ChartMaxx process automation can determine if a patient qualifies for financial assistance based on your facility provided business rules. The process will follow your set of business criteria to route the financial application to the appropriate users for review, generate additional documents like letters to the patient, and create tasks and reminders as appropriate to get a complete application and final disposition of acceptance/denial.

This process automation drastically reduces manual processing and ensures a consistent, seamless process to improve patient and staff satisfaction.

Forms on Demand

Forms on Demand provides hospital staff access to print forms from an internal website launch. Included in this functionality is the ability to print documents for specific patients, which will include the pre-populated patient label on each page, or blank forms to support downtime or other processes. The pre-populated patient details accelerate the scanning process and ensure accurate indexing. Documents may be grouped into packets or listed individually and may be presented to users based on department or permission affiliations. All searches and print requests are fully audited and the system only presents the patient and form data to users with appropriate security permission. Forms on Demand is a component of the overall Forms Management offering of ChartMaxx.

The complimentary component is the management of electronic forms and templates and the resulting process automations.

Scheduling Assistant

This solution provides a prospective patient with the ability to upload documents, such as an insurance card, photo ID or advance directive via the Internet during the pre-registration process. The arrival of these documents may also trigger an automated process of insurance verification, eligibility checking, or other important pre-registration tasks.

ChartMaxx also offers business process automation for patient follow-up assessments for the patient to complete in a similar fashion following discharge from the hospital.

The examples above are just a few of the many Business Process Management use cases employed by the ChartMaxx community. Find out more by requesting a customized demonstration for your respective needs: