Advantages and Benefits of ChartMaxx® for HR and Administrative Departments

  • HR departments use ChartMaxx ECM and workflow to automate the entire on-boarding and off-boarding processes – eliminating manual forms related to applications, provisioning users for the HIT applications they will access, and removing access for inactive employees.
  • HR forms are accessed on-line via your organization’s website, with programmed business processes that read the information and route it automatically to the right person and department. There is no more in-house transfer of manual forms and which provides an improved experience for your staff.
  • Integration with your HR application to allow staff access to all on-line and any paper forms stored within ChartMaxx ECM’s Cabinets, Drawers, and Folders (CDF) module. One-click access between the HR application and ChartMaxx ECM eliminates searching through file cabinets for required paperwork.
  • Integration with Compliance and Risk Management departments, by using customized process for Peer Review, Clinician Credentialing and audits.