ChartMaxx for Health Information Management

Empower your HIM department to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver the complete patient record to the right users, at the right time. ChartMaxx enables:
  • Capture of patient record content ranging from outside paper documents to clinical multi media
  • Deficiency management tools for increased efficiencies throughout the chart completion process
  • Process automation for centralized, image based coding
  • Release of Information
  • Deep Search capabilities to turn both structured and unstructured content into valuable information
Capture the complete patient record

ChartMaxx provides solutions for the capture of both unstructured and structured data and documents. Unstructured documents are captured via Scanning and Quality Review applications, which employ bar code recognition and image enhancement properties. Additional options are available to enhance this processing with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) technologies for automated indexing and capture of discrete data from images.

Structured data (digital data) is captured via standard HL7 interfaces with an embedded ChartMaxx Interface Engine. ChartMaxx supports inbound/outbound (listener and sender) HL7 interfaces as well as COLD feeds, virtual print feeds, FTP, and other methods of getting information from other systems into and out of ChartMaxx.

Clinical multimedia, like DICOM and PACS images, are also able to be accessed directly from within ChartMaxx. This integrated solution enables hospitals to streamline workflows across all clinical subspecialties to provide access to the patient’s original clinical multimedia all from one patient record.

ChartMaxx Intelligent eForms dynamically capture discrete data directly into a customized electronic form template to capture standardized, error free data for sound electronic documentation and subsequent business process automation across the hospital enterprise. Intelligent eForm templates are customizable to ensure the appropriate design to capture electronic data and signatures. From Coding Queries to Clinical Documentation Improvement forms, ChartMaxx Intelligent eForms provide the right solution.

Deficiency Management

ChartMaxx deficiency management provides just the right level of assistance to maximize the use of your EMR system. Centrally manage all deficiencies within ChartMaxx or manage all deficiencies within your EMR – ChartMaxx provides the flexibility to implement features that work best for your organization. Seamless EMR integration allows ChartMaxx to queue up deficiencies for physicians right within the EMR. Notifications, signing, and record completion all occur right within the EMR screens to provide a seamless experience for physicians all the while providing the HIM oversight and management tools for the HIM department within ChartMaxx.

Image Based Coding

ChartMaxx process automation helps streamline your coding operations to get your coding team the right chart, at the right time to decrease your DNFB and AR days and speed your days to record completion. ChartMaxx adapts to your workflows by employing customized processing to create tasks for charts ready to be coded, check for the presence of appropriate documents, and route the tasks based upon your coding business rules. Coders are presented with an image based record that is complete and ready for action. ChartMaxx also integrates with Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) applications to ensure a seamless and efficient coding process.

Release of Information

The ChartMaxx Release of Information application lets you bring ROI in-house, creating a revenue-generating opportunity. Releases can be generated in the requester’s preferred output format whether that is hard copy, CD/DVD, encrypted file for emailing, or esMD (electronic submission of medical documentation). ChartMaxx also integrates with your EMR to provide the unstructured part of the record needed for the release if your Legal Health Record is within your EMR.

Deep Search

The ChartMaxx Deep Search toolkit provides a custom search utility to unlock your structured and unstructured content. Integrate data silos to unlock your information, accelerate insight discovery, and increase effectiveness of finding the right information at the right time.

Empower your HIM team with ChartMaxx. Reduce risk, increase efficiency, and stay compliant with HIPAA, Joint Commission, and CMS.