ChartMaxx Integration with Meditech

The ChartMaxx Meditech solution provides for seamless access and document sharing between the Meditech Enterprise system and ChartMaxx ECM to consolidate information and provide a single universal view for users. ChartMaxx Intelligent eForms and Forms On-Demand supplements the Meditech system for users in clinical care departments and business departments.

The ChartMaxx Meditech solution:
  • Automates the gathering of patient information from patient access and registration through discharge so all of the hospital's clinicians have access to all the information they need when and where they need it.
  • Provides for an active view for clinicians within the Meditech system alerting them to documents stored in ChartMaxx requiring their review and signature.
  • Enables enhanced business process automation for data and documents stored in Meditech and ChartMaxx to provide for reporting, monitoring, and productivity surveillance.
  • Coder-specific work list to support initiatives for reduced AR and DNFB.
  • Maintains the continuity of complete and full Release of Information activities including delivery to CMS, third-party payers and to fulfill legal requests.
Different Interfaces/Integrations with Meditech
  1. ADT – when a patient is Admitted/Discharged/Transferred in Meditech, the ChartMaxx system is automatically updated.
  2. Documents created in Meditech are sent to ChartMaxx to complete the Legal Medical Record.
  3. Documents that are edited in ChartMaxx are sent to Meditech to keep the two systems in sync on a real-time basis.
  4. Integration of ChartMaxx and Meditech using API technology to launch ChartMaxx applications from within Meditech seamlessly.
  5. User sign-on and selected patient context is passed between the two systems to eliminate extra search efforts and reduce clicks.
  6. Integration of ChartMaxx and Meditech uses the most current Web Services technology to reduce maintenance for IT staff.