ChartMaxx Integration with HMS/MedHost

The ChartMaxx MedHost solution enables seamless integration between the two systems, and allowing you to automate your business process workflows, intelligent eForms, and Forms On-Demand to streamline processes throughout your entire enterprise.

ChartMaxx seamless integration with HMS applications provides retrieval and allows clinicians to view and complete charts in one place.

Interfaces/Integrations with HMS:
  1. ADT – When a patient is Admitted / Discharged / Transferred in HMS a message is sent to ChartMaxx.
  2. Documents created in HMS are sent to ChartMaxx to complete the LMR.
  3. With integration to ChartMaxx and HMS using API technology, you can launch to ChartMaxx applications from within HMS seamlessly. User sign-on and passing of patient context through ChartMaxx creates a seamless integration for the HMS user.
  4. Integration of ChartMaxx and HMS using web single sign-on to launch ChartMaxx web for physicians to address chart and other deficiencies.