ChartMaxx Integration with Epic

“By having ChartMaxx be in tandem with Epic, that’s where true power comes into play.”
Jerry Mourey, VIP/CIO, Southern Illinois Health

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The ChartMaxx Epic solutions enable seamless integration and document sharing between Epic and ChartMaxx ECM to provide easy access and control of content including Intelligent eForms, digital pictures, electronic data, scanned documents, radiology images, and more. Empower your users to refine processes, improve collaboration and boost productivity while managing the life cycle of content across your enterprise with ChartMaxx and Epic together.

The ChartMaxx Epic Solution:
  • Acquisition and notification of scanned documents
  • Single view inside the Epic viewers
  • Medical Record Number, Account Number and Order Number document level access
  • Chart Deficiency Management
  • Release of Information coordination
  • Explanation of Benefits Document availability notification
Interfaces/Integrations with Epic:
  • ADT – when a patient is Admitted/Discharged/Transferred in Epic Grand Central a message is sent to ChartMaxx
  • Scan Integration to enable document scanning in Epic (including Epic Hyperspace, EpicCare Link, and Prelude) and delivery to ChartMaxx
    • Allows for scanning at the patient, encounter, or order level
    • Includes deficiency tracking for Epic Scan Analysis to allow physicians to sign the scanned document within Epic
  • Integration of ChartMaxx and Epic enabling users to view ChartMaxx stored documents from within Epic Hyperspace, as well as within EpicCare Link web based access
  • Integration of ChartMaxx and Epic to allow the Epic patient to view ChartMaxx stored documents without leaving Epic MyChart
  • Integration of ChartMaxx and Epic for the release of ChartMaxx documents within Epic HIM tools
  • Documents created in Epic can be sent to ChartMaxx to complete and maintain the Legal Health Record
  • Integration of ChartMaxx and Epic to enable access for patients via the Epic Welcome Patient Kiosk
  • Integration of ChartMaxx and Epic for Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents to be retrieved from Epic Hyperspace for purposes of posting into Epic Resolute
  • Integration of ChartMaxx and Epic to enable management of Correspondence documentation
  • Integration of ChartMaxx and Epic using API technology to launch ChartMaxx applications from within Epic
  • Epic user sign on and selected patient context is persisted between the two systems to eliminate extra search efforts and reduce clicks
  • Integration opportunity with the Epic Canto and Haiku mobile apps
ChartMaxx Rises Above the Rest:
  • Focused 100 percent on health care for more than 20 years
  • Meets Epic’s criteria for a highly-integrated seamless Document Management and Enterprise Content Management solution
  • Customers interviewed told KLAS they would buy ChartMaxx again
  • Training is customized to your specific needs and conducted live by in-house product experts
  • Customer centric in-house support teams constantly monitor your system, so you don’t have to
  • Expands beyond EHR integration with enterprise-wide document management and business process improvement workflows