ChartMaxx Integration with Cerner

The ChartMaxx Cerner solution enables seamless Integration between the two systems and allows you to take advantage of automating business process workflows, easy application builders, Intelligent eForms and Forms On-Demand to streamline Revenue Cycle Management processes.

The ChartMaxx Cerner solution:
  • Bridge data and document storage, eliminate redundancy, enabling clean claims and reducing third-party denials.
  • ChartMaxx can customize RCM workflows with Cerner ProFit Billing System by gathering the proper orders, signatures and insurance information at the time of patient registration.
  • The ChartMaxx Cerner solution enables automated business process including Missing Registration Consent, Adjustment Workflow, Cancer Data Review, Chart Completion, Coding Workflows and Review list, Missing Orders, Payment Plan, Payroll Deduction, Positive Photo ID, Pre-Payment, Registration Discharge Notification, and Retroactive Review Denial Management.
Interfaces/Integrations with Cerner
  1. ADT – when a patient is Admitted/Discharged/Transferred in Cerner, the ChartMaxx system is automatically updated.
  2. Documents that are scanned or created within ChartMaxx are shared with the Cerner system for easy access by the user.
  3. Integration of ChartMaxx and Cerner using API technology to launch ChartMaxx applications from within Cerner seamlessly.
  4. The ChartMaxx Cerner solution enables user sign-on and selected patient context persistence between the two systems to eliminate extra search efforts and reduce clicks.