Strong Support

Customers weigh in on ChartMaxx Support.

ChartMaxx® Fanatics enthusiasm says it all when it comes to support:


"ChartMaxx is a solid system. It has great ease of use. I can easily search for documents because the search function is extremely easy to use, and it is accurate. The product never goes down. It has been a workhorse for us."

—KLAS Survey Respondent


"ChartMaxx/Quest Diagnostics has outstanding service. They have very knowledgeable people that respond to challenges, and it is rare that issues need to be pushed off to another level of support."

—KLAS Survey Respondent


"ChartMaxx is a work in progress. I don't mean that as a bad thing. It is an excellent product, and yet Quest Diagnostics is continually making it better. We are blown away by the fact that we have gone paperless. We couldn't have done it without ChartMaxx."

—KLAS Survey Respondent

Exceeding Expectations

"Originally, our larger company didn’t want to use ChartMaxx, but they realized the benefits we received from using it and the workflow capabilities. Now they want to expand that throughout the enterprise."

—KLAS Survey Respondent


"ChartMaxx team at Quest Diagnostics is very honest, and they work with us."

—KLAS Survey Respondent


"As far as project management goes, we are working with ChartMaxx/Quest Diagnostics to do a couple of different projects, including some Epic integration projects. They are very good about writing a project plan and keeping on task, and they follow up on a weekly basis."

—KLAS Survey Respondent

Valued and Valuable

"I am impressed that when we call Quest Diagnostics about ChartMaxx, they are there. They stop in our office. I think their support is really good, and they work with us to try to accomplish what we want to accomplish. I think the vendor is wonderful to work with, and the product is very easy to use."

—KLAS Survey Respondent