Sample ECM-DMI RFP Toolkit from Quest Diagnostics

Scenario: Your health care organization has identified particular needs such as the elimination of paper, management of content in different formats and from different sources, interoperability between your existing systems, and streamlining and automating workflows and processes. Additionally, you might need help securing and storing critical documents for clinical, administrative, and compliance purposes and have too much duplication of data across the different systems used within your organization.

A comprehensive Enterprise Content Management or Document Management solution is the ideal choice to solve these issues and prepare your facility to be nimble and responsive in the ever changing world of health care. So how do you communicate your specific needs and build an RFP that will assist and support you in your search for the right vendor partner and solution?

Download the Guide to Creating a Comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP).
Download the Sample ECM-DMI RFP.

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