ChartMaxx for the Legal Health Record

“Hybrid records create challenges for HIM. ChartMaxx helped us to resolve the debate about what is produced for legal requests including ‘any and all’ records as our Legal Health Record.”
-HIM Director

Complete, protect, and defend your Legal Health Record with ChartMaxx. As a compliment to your EMR solution, ChartMaxx brings the Legal Health Record together for seamless access and release to ensure your organizational asset is defined, maintained, and defended according to your policies and Information Governance strategy.

ChartMaxx provides a document-based narrative of the encounter with document locking critical to defending health records. Our HIM solution can assist with chart completion and thorough audit tracking to protect the final versions of your documentation, and provides an easy to retrieve history of actions that were performed on those documents − including viewing, disclosing and editing.

Elevate the management of your Legal Health Record even more with our custom search feature. ChartMaxx Deep Search provides a custom search utility to unlock your structured and unstructured content. Increase your LHR auditing processes, compliance effectiveness and clinical documentation improvement strategies with ChartMaxx Deep Search.

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View a copy of the LHR White Paper here.