Enabling Healthcare Organizations

To Achieve True Enterprise Wide Content Management

ChartMaxx ECM transforms your documents and data to improve patient care, drive operational efficiencies, and reduce the overall cost of healthcare.




3.4 Billion

Docs & multi-media files


Enabled users

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

ChartMaxx ECM is the single solution for efficiently managing all data and document content, elevating access across the enterprise and automating processes. ChartMaxx ECM manages the lifecycle of content to provide users with the right access, in the right systems, at the right time.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Enrich your data by automating business and workflow processes through one single ChartMaxx toolkit. Customize trigger events, business rules, and system integrations to meet the needs of your workflows, not the other way around.

Legal Health Record (LHR)

Complete, protect, and defend your Legal Health Record with ChartMaxx. As a compliment to your EMR solution, ChartMaxx brings the Legal Health Record together for seamless access and release to ensure your organizational asset is defined, maintained, and defended according to your policies and Information Governance strategy.